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Nikon to sponsor Copa Sadia do Brasil 2014

March 14, 2014

Nikon supports Copa Sadia do Brasil 2014.

Major Brazilian soccer event Copa Sadia do Brasil 2014 kicks off in March with 86 top teams from Brazil. The event, which runs through November, is expected to attract a huge audience, as winning teams will qualify for the Copa Libertadores the following year.

Besides being a serious subject for the Brazilians, football is on the rise in the country as it prepares to host some of the world’s largest sporting events.

The Nikon logo will be conspicuous around the pitch. Also, Nikon do Brasil Ltda.’s digital camera TVC will be played on the venue's giant screen, and Nikon Professional Services will be supporting professional photographers.

Games will be broadcasted in 89 countries and districts over the world including Brazil.

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