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Nikon Horizons

About Nikon Horizons

Nikon Horizons is pleased to present the feature story from our Japanese-language magazine, Nikon Today. We seek to introduce timely issues from a Nikon viewpoint. A new issue of Nikon Horizons is offered online every six months.

Vol. 18: It's Written in the Stars

Volume 18 of Nikon Horizons twinkles with light from objects in space. We launch our discussion by tracing the history of humankind's relationship to the stars. We'll see how ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians figured out how to use the stars to build their cultures, and examine how constellations came to be. Next, we'll hitch a ride with comets, the "dirty snowballs" that come from beyond Neptune. Read closely, because you might get to see one sooner than you think. We end our trip through space by trying to catch a glimpse of a supernova explosion, the tremendous last gasp of dying stars that may have breathed life into everything on Earth.

Updated November 5, 2013

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