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Nikon Horizons

About Nikon Horizons

Nikon Horizons is pleased to present the feature story from our Japanese-language magazine, Nikon Today. We seek to introduce timely issues from a Nikon viewpoint. A new issue of Nikon Horizons is offered online every six months.

Vol. 21: The Light of Our Lives

To help celebrate the United Nations’ 2015 International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, Volume 21 of Nikon Horizons looks into achievements that were made possible by humans’ mastery of light. First, we look at illumination, the primary application of light, focusing on urban lighting. Next, we examine the latest lighting technologies for vegetable factory farming, which include increasing crop yield by optimizing illumination using red and blue light-emitting diode (LED) lights. Last, we look into the optical lattice clock, which uses light to manipulate atoms to attain ultra-precise timekeeping.

Updated May 12, 2015

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