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About Nikon Horizons

Nikon Horizons is pleased to present the feature story from our Japanese-language magazine, Nikon Today. We seek to introduce timely issues from a Nikon viewpoint. A new issue of Nikon Horizons is offered online every six months.

Vol. 23: The Art of Museums

Even in this age of the Internet, physical museums like the Louvre in Paris and the National Museum of China attract millions of visitors. Vol. 23 of Nikon Horizons takes a behind-the-scenes look at three national museums in Japan. First, we learn about procuring items at the Tokyo National Museum, which boasts the largest collection in Japan. Next, a curator at the Nara National Museum in the ancient city in western Japan tells us about the latest preservation measures and conservation techniques. Finally, we visit the Kyushu National Museum to explore the latest exhibition trends, which harness advanced technologies such as 3D printers.

Updated June 28, 2016

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