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Nikon Horizons

About Nikon Horizons

Nikon Horizons is pleased to present the feature story from our Japanese-language magazine, Nikon Today. We seek to introduce timely issues from a Nikon viewpoint. A new issue of Nikon Horizons is offered online every six months.

Vol. 19: Living in a Material World

Volume 19 of Nikon Horizons is all about materials, from the most basic that we mine from the Earth to the most advanced that were born of human imagination. First, we'll travel back in time through "ages" of materials — stone, bronze and iron — to see how human civilization began and eventually flourished. Next, we'll take a closer look at iron, a material that continues to help shape the world and inspire innovations. We'll end our journey by exploring the future: With cutting-edge materials such as carbon nanotubes leading the way, can we say that we're living in "the carbon century"?

Updated May 12, 2014

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