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Nikon Horizons

About Nikon Horizons

Nikon Horizons is pleased to present the feature story from our Japanese-language magazine, Nikon Today. We seek to introduce timely issues from a Nikon viewpoint. A new issue of Nikon Horizons is offered online every six months.

Vol. 22: An Eye on Eyes

As we often say, “seeing is believing.” Eyes are vital sensors for humans, and many other organisms, to survive and continue their lives on the earth. Vol. 22 of Nikon Horizons takes a look into this important sensory organ. First, we explore the origin of the sophisticated sensor and the enormous impact it had on the evolution and diversification of animals. Next, we take a deeper look into the visual perception system of humans by “experiencing” a couple of illusions. Lastly, we examine a cutting-edge medical technology employed for treating eye conditions.

Updated November 5, 2015

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