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THIS DAY - This day, sometime in the past, somewhere in the world

Each day is a milestone in human history. We welcome you to enjoy a brief time-traveling experience.

This day, Today. What did the world witness in the past?
"THIS DAY" is a website that allows you to feel the historic events inscribed in each date.

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  • The dates are shown in the Gregorian calendar, local time (Japan). Therefore the date displayed may be a day before or after the date of the country you are in, due to the time-zone difference.
  • Featured articles have been created referring to the following publications and the recorded documents produced by photograph creditors. The usage of these materials has been approved by the respective publishers and creditors in advance. We have done our best to provide accurate and dependable information. However, we do not guarantee full accuracy or dependability of the contents.
  • Copyright of the presented photos belongs to the rights holder indicated in each photograph. It is strictly prohibited to use these photos unless specifically permitted by copyright statute.


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