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Message from the President

Pursuing sustainable growth through further strengthening our corporate foundations and conducting flexible business activities.

Nikon Group posted more than one trillion yen in sales for the first time, during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013. We appreciate this as the result of customers around the world choosing our products, with which we were able to create new value and joy in their lives.

The global economy still seems rather unstable, yet appears to be experiencing a gradual recovery. Considering this situation, we will continue to expand our current businesses to strengthen our corporate foundations. To be more specific, the Precision Equipment Company plans to further shorten production lead times and reduce costs. The Imaging Company aims to create greater enjoyment for consumers by releasing even more appealing products while establishing the Nikon brand in emerging markets. The Instruments Company strives to achieve a position as the leading supplier of biological microscopes and to increase sales of equipment related to iPS cell research in the bioscience business, while expanding its capabilities to develop non-contact 3D metrology systems in the industrial instruments business.

Regarding new business, we are focusing on the areas of analysis and diagnosis in the health and medical field. In a few years, we aim to innovate a support system for image analysis and diagnosis at a genetic and cellular level, and another for innovative drug development. Throughout all of our businesses, we are determined to enhance our sensitivity to market needs, in order to conduct flexible business activities with speed and agility while pursuing sustainable growth.

As we consider our contributions to the sustainable development of society to be the basics of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), our goal is to evolve business activities that are locally well established and that contribute to each area. We are working to increase collaboration between staff members at group companies across the world, as well as implementing an international point of view regarding the processes of hiring, training and utilization of human resources.

The Nikon brand is widely regarded as both innovative and trustworthy; we intend to add fun to these impressions. We are committed to continual development of the brand – becoming an ever-more familiar name. We ask for your continued support and guidance as we continue to strengthen our position.

Makoto Kimura
Representative Director, President, Member of the Board