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Message from the President

Pursuing sustainable growth with "Trustworthiness and Creativity" as our base Kazuo Ushida President Representative Director

In order to stay ahead of the rapid changes in the global market, corporate bodies such as Nikon must evolve.
We at Nikon are preparing to revolutionize our business portfolio with a view to achieving sustainable growth.
To this end, we will promote improved business efficiency and investment in prospective fields.

Regarding our precision equipment business, we aim to expand our market share by stepping up the launches of a growing range of semiconductor lithography systems with main features that outperform competitors' products. In the FPD lithography systems market, where we hold the top share, we will strive to further increase our presence by continuing to address customers' needs.
In our imaging products business, we will propose products and services with a greater optimization for use in an online environment, while striving to further penetrate global markets, including those in emerging countries.
In the microscope solutions business of the instruments business field, contract manufacturing of regenerative medicine products has begun. Meanwhile, in the industrial metrology business, we will extend our range to cover the aircraft and automobile industries by proactively suggesting business solutions.
The medical business is a pillar for our growth, and we aim for early development of this area through accelerating M&As and efficient use of corporate venture capital (CVC). We will speed up the solution proposal process by actively employing outside R&D resources and ideas, no longer attempting to solely undertake all activities. We plan to accelerate the business at the same time as expanding its domain into peripheral areas.

To achieve such goals, three values are vital in every field: "curiosity" that drives us beyond limits, "affinity" for accepting new experiences, and "communication skills" for consolidating knowledge, both within and outside the company. Bearing these three principles in mind, we will further strengthen our ability to provide business solutions and continue contributing to various fields in the realms of both industry and society.

Another key area of emphasis in Nikon's evolution lies in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Maintaining fairness and integrity to all stakeholders is crucial in sustaining a company. At the same time, we will promote diversity, which benefits us with new ideas and problem-solving skills.

I am determined to do my best to rebuild Nikon Group in the most ideal way, while continuing to cherish our corporate philosophy of "Trustworthiness and Creativity." We ask for your continued support and guidance.