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Message from the President

Revitalizing Nikon with trustworthiness as our backbone Kazuo Ushida President Representative Director

In June 2014, we at Nikon restructured the organization into a divisional system, progressing from our 15-year-old in-house company system, in order to accelerate top-level decision-making and swiftly reflect those decisions across the firm, thereby effectively responding to rapidly changing society and markets.

Adopting this new system, in the precision equipment business, we will emphasize the advantages of our semiconductor lithography systems. Addressing the demand for higher-definition, larger flat panel displays (FPD) by incorporating our unique multi-lens projection systems in FPD lithography systems, we will strive to further increase our presence in this market.
For the imaging products business, we aim to realize tangible growth through launching innovative products and services developed from different perspectives, as well as firmly responding to rising demand from emerging markets.
In the microscope solutions business of the instruments business field, we will expand our biological microscope lineup to cater to demand from the regenerative medicine and iPS cell research related fields.
Regarding the industrial metrology business, we will further contribute to various manufacturing fields, such as aircraft and automobiles, by widening the selection of non-contact 3D metrology systems and related software.
The newly established medical business will effectively incorporate our core opto-electronics and precision technologies in the areas of health and medical care, and is committed to developing unprecedented products and services through collaboration and partnership with other institutions.
Throughout all of these businesses, we will make strenuous efforts to succeed by maximizing every resource, including the valued contributions of our staff members.

As our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we will continue our activities to understand the histories, cultures and customs of each region and country around the world where Nikon has a presence, and to evolve business activities that are locally well established. At the same time, we will continue satisfying the standards as a corporate citizen set by the international community. In order to enhance mutual understanding of each other's cultures, we will promote cultural exchange through such initiatives as the ongoing global human resource management program.

I am newly appointed as President and Representative Director. At Nikon Group, we have long cherished "Trustworthiness and Creativity" as attributes to be treasured. With trustworthiness as the backbone of our corporate activities, I am determined to further build Nikon as a friendly partner that extensively contributes to society and the environment, while revolutionizing business fields and accelerating processes. We ask for your continued support and guidance as we continue to progress while strengthening our position.