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Corporate Information


Grounded in the latest opto-electronics and precision technologies, our products and solutions help build a better society. Get to know the real Nikon.

Message from the President

Message from Kazuo Ushida, President and Representative Director.

Nikon’s Philosophy

Nikon’s philosophy and vision of the company for the future.

Corporate Profile

Basic corporate information of Nikon Corporation.

Structure of Nikon Group

At-a-glance chart of the organization of Nikon Group companies.

Directors and Officers

Directors and officers are listed along with their business duties.

Nikon Group Companies

Nikon Group companies are listed with business, operation and contact information.

Business Domains

Nikon Group's business domains — Precision Equipment, Imaging Products, Instruments, Medical and Other businesses — are introduced with brief descriptions of operations and products.

Intellectual Property Initiatives

Nikon's basic intellectual property policies and intellectual property efforts related to patents, designs and trademarks.


Corporate and product history are presented with brief descriptions of corporate activities and other important archives.


Nikon Group’s basic procurement policy, CSR procurement and green procurement are described giving basic guidelines.

Corporate Advertising and Sponsorship

Introduction to Nikon's promotional activities including sponsoring sporting events and corporate advertising.


The Nikon Museum includes exhibits showing the history, inherited technologies and traditions, innovations, and evolution of Nikon.

Company Profile PDF version
Click to read the Nikon Company Profile on PDF.

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