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Toward the next 100 years

The Nikon Museum opened on October 17, 2015 for the 100th anniversary of Nikon's foundation in 2017. Nikon has been providing unique value throughout the world on a foundation of optical and precision technologies.
At the Nikon Museum you will see how Nikon has progressed to what it is today.
Here, we hope that you gain an appreciation of Nikon's aspirations since its foundation, and for how we have evolved.


Special exhibition "The beauty of Mt. Fuji, a mountain beloved beyond time — Koyo Okada"

"WAVES OF MOUNTAINS", cooperation of Koyo Okada Photo Art Museum

Koyo Okada was fascinated by the majestic beauty of "Oshino-Fuji" on his first visit to Oshino Village in 1916, and since then he continued to take photographs of Mt. Fuji throughout his life. Over 400,000 photos of Mt. Fuji, representative of the "image of the mountain which lives in the heart of Japanese", are attracting many people's hearts from all over the world. The Nikon Museum will exhibit three pieces from among his photographs.

Dates April 1, 2016 (Fri) – June 30, 2016 (Thu)
Cooperation Koyo Okada Photo Art Museum

Koyo Okada (1895–1972)
Koyo Okada was born in Nakajo Village (currently Tokamachi City), Nakauonuma County, Niigata. Koyo dedicated his life to taking photographs of Mt. Fuji, often saying "Mt. Fuji is my life". His photos of Mt. Fuji have been used on Japanese postage stamps and banknotes. Koyo is one of the photographers who helped establish the classic image of Mt. Fuji that is well known to all Japanese.