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Business Information

Nikon has adopted an in-house company system. This system, in which responsibility for operations is vested in each individual business unit, enables us to respond swiftly to market demands as the business environment continues to change. Currently, our business framework consists of three in-house companies - Precision Equipment, Imaging, and Instruments - as well as Other Businesses.

  • Precision Equipment Company(Semiconductor Lithography System, FPD Lithography System)
  • Imaging Company(Digital cameras, Film cameras, Interchangeable lenses, Speedlights, Software, Sport optics)
  • Instruments Company(Biological microscopes, Industrial microscopes, Stereoscopic microscopes, Measuring instruments, Semiconductor inspection equipment, Surveying Instruments)
  • Other Businesses(Customized Products, Glass, Ophthalmic Lenses, Encoders)
  • Nikon-Trimble Co., Ltd., responsible for the surveying instruments sector of Nikon's Instruments Business, and Nikon-Essilor Co., Ltd., responsible for the ophthalmic lenses sector of Nikon's Other Businesses, are Nikon Corporation's equity-method affiliates.

Includes Overview, Business Strategy, and An Interview with the Company President.