The reliability of the Nikon brand is based on high-level technological power resulting from R&D activities that have been ongoing since the company's establishment in 1917.

Basic Technologies

With our core technologies — opto-electronics and precision — as a foundation, Nikon is conducting R&D in wideranging areas of technologies, such as optics, precision measurement and manufacturing, image processing, materials, and software and systems.

Figure of Basic Technologies

R&D Organizations

Our Core Technology Division, which oversees the development of basic technologies, and the R&D groups of each business unit, which are in charge of developing the products, are jointly thrusting Nikon R&D forward by leaps and bounds. We shall continue these close collaborations in order to develop highly reliable technologies.

Figure of R&D Organizations

R&D by Group Companies

Nikon Research Corporation of America, a U.S.A.-based R&D subsidiary, is engaged in research and development related to lithography systems and the medical field. Nikon and Essilor International Joint Research Center, established by Nikon Corporation and Essilor International, France, conducts R&D and surveys on mid-/long-term perspectives in fields pertaining to materials and optics.

Fellow System

Nikon has introduced a system that grants fellowships to engineers who demonstrate world-class expertise and knowledge. We seek to promote cutting-edge R&D that leads the industry with specialists who are widely recognized both within Nikon and far beyond.

Industry-Academia R&D Alliance

Nikon has formed an R&D alliance with the University of Tokyo — Nikon Chair of Imaging Science, Institute of Industrial Science - aimed at nurturing next-generation engineers who will lead the optics industry. And at ten locations throughout the world — in Asia including Japan, the U.S.A., and Europe — we have opened Nikon Imaging Centers, which use advanced Nikon microscopes in the study and education of imaging technology.

Core Technology of Nikon —The challenge to create new values—

Opto-electronics and precision form the very core of Nikon's technologies. We tackle various technical developments, which range from those for basic technologies built into Nikon products to those for applied technologies integrated for future use. Here we introduce some of the diverse technologies that represent our challenge of creating new values.