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Calcium Fluoride (CaF2)

Nikon's calcium fluoride (NICF series) is a single crystal that features a homogeneous refractive index, high transmittance and superior durability to a wide variety of lasers, from excimer to vacuum ultraviolet.
The NICF series was originally developed to accommodate the excimer laser light source used in lithography systems for extreme precision and durability.

NICF series advantages

  • High laser durability

    Nikon's strict process control and use of ultrahigh-purity raw materials during the calcium fluoride growing process results in increased durability to long-term exposure to high-power excimer lasers.

  • Large high-quality crystals

    With Nikon's continuous process improvement cycle and optimized growing conditions, we can produce large high-quality single-crystal material with minimal lattice and structural defects.

  • High refractive index homogeneity

    Nikon's proprietary annealing process yields unsurpassed refractive index homogeneity.


  • Optics for ultraviolet and high-power lasers
  • Lens materials and optics for lithography system
  • Lens materials and optics for inspection equipment
  • *Please contact us about other applications

Optical grades

Grade Internal transmittance [%]
Thickness:10 mm
Laser durability Recommended wavelength
NICF-V ≧ 99.5 (at 157 nm) A VUV region, ArF excimer laser (193 nm)
NICF-A ≧ 99.8 (at 193 nm) B ArF excimer laser (193 nm)
NICF-U ≧ 99.8 (at 248 nm) C KrF excimer laser (248 nm)
NICF-S UV region, Visible region, IR region
  • *Laser durability is classified into three groups, A, B and C. NICF-V represents the highest grade.

Please see our brochure for more details