Confocal NEXIV

VMZ-K3040 / VMZ-K6555

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  1. VMZ-K3040
  2. VMZ-K6555

The Confocal NEXIV, a ground-breaking Multi-Functional video measuring system, was developed on the strength of Nikon's leading opto-mechatronics technologies.

It incorporates confocal technology, brightfield with a 15X zoom, and TTL Laser AF. No matter what geometrical measurements you need?two-dimensional or three-dimensional?inspection and evaluation is exceptionally fast and accurate with this system!

The Confocal NEXIV can be optimally used for measurements of a variety of bump heights on advanced IC packages such as wafer-level CSP, as well as for the inspection of highly complicated structures of MEMS and probe card.


  • Simultaneous wide-area height measurements with Nikon proprietary confocal optics
  • 2D measurement with 15x brightfield zoom optics
  • Fully compatible with 300mm wafer measurement at semiconductor fabs


  • IC Packages
    • Flip Chip/COF(Bump)/COG
    • CSP (FBGA)/SIP (Bump, Wire)
    • Interposer (Pad height)
  • MEMS
  • Probe Card (Silicon Probe, Au Probe)
  • Precise Glass Components (Micro Lens, Contact Lens)
  • Photo Spacer Width/Height for Color Filter for FPD Panel

Measurement Examples

Bright Field
Confocal Image
3D CF Image
EDF Image
CSP-Bump Height and Size
Bonding Wire-Loop Height

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