NEXIV VMR-H3030/VMR-H3030 Z120X

  1. Key Features
  2. Specifications/Dimensions
  1. VMR-H3030
  2. VMR-H3030 Z120X

With ultrahigh precision and versatility, this model can serve as the master instrument in your laboratory. Ideal for high-precision dies and molds.


  • Ultrahigh precision appropriate for the master instrument
  • Wide illumination choices ensure accurate detection of edges in dies and molds
  • Long working distance (50mm) permits measurements of parts with big height gaps
  • 15X zoom provides universal applications while facilitating easy search at low magnifications and accurate measurements at high magnifications
  • User-friendly software


  • Master instrument in a laboratory
  • Dies and molds
  • Finely machined parts

Measurement Examples

Mask pattern
Finely machined part and its 3D graphic

Surface analysis of a precision mechanical part (option)

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