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Biological Microscopes

A variety of upright and inverted microscopes with versatile applications is available to support biological research at laboratories and universities, tests at hospitals and education in school.

  • Upright Microscopes

    Upright microscopes observe specimens from above. A wide variety of upright microscopes are available for a range of uses from cutting-edge research to education.

  • Polarizing Microscopes

    Polarizing microscopes are used to observe the polarization properties of a specimen by monitoring image contrast or color change, using a polarizer.

  • Inverted Microscopes

    Inverted microscopes observe a specimen from below. A wide variety of inverted microscopes are available for a range of uses, from research to cell culture observation.

  • Accessories for Biological Microscopes

    A broad range of accessories are available to create the microscope best suited to your needs.

  • Ti Application Systems

    Inverted microscope ECLIPSE Ti series supports broader research.