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Digital Camera System for Microscopy Digital Sight Series

Offering you the maximum flexibility to configure the camera head and control unit to meet your specific needs, from advanced research to inspection records, biological or industrial use.

Camera head lineup

High-definition color camera head DS-Fi2

The new DS-Fi2 provides greatly improved video performance in combination with a high-definition 5-megapixel camera. The newly developed CCD control circuit offers the fast frame rate of 21 fps (Display mode: 1280 x 960 pixels). The DS-Fi2 enables focusing and comfortable search for a region in the sample without any stress.

Super high-definition cooled color camera head DS-Ri1

The DS-Ri1 realizes an image quality of 12.7 megapixels and 2200 TV lines with the pixel shift method. Superior color reproduction capability allows recording of accurate specimen colors, and smooth live image display at a high frame rate of max. 19fps makes focusing easy. Because the CCD is cooled at 10 °C below its uncooled state, heat-induced noise is reduced, and this ensures clear fluorescence images.

High-definition cooled color camera head DS-Fi1c

A Peltier device cooling mechanism has been incorporated into the 5-megapixel CCD that delivers high-resolution images of up to 2560 x 1920 pixels. This mechanism keeps the CCD at 20°C below its uncooled state to produce high-contrast images with less heat-induced noise. It is ideal for imaging of weak-light structures under fluorescence and darkfield microscopy.

High-speed live display color camera head DS-Vi1

Features a high frame rate, 2.0-magapixel CCD. Displays SXGA live images (1600 x 1200 pixels max.) at 15fps (30fps max.). The DS-Vi1 balances smooth live image movement and high resolution.

Control unit lineup

Standalone control unit DS-L3

Inheriting the reputed functions of the DS-L2 under the concept of "PC-less, standalone", the new DS-L3 provides three new features: touch panel intuitive operation, high-quality imaging and multifunctional controller. The DS-L3 can also be used to control the ECLIPSE Ni-E and Ci-E biological research microscopes. It plays three roles: controls the camera, displays images and controls the microscope.

PC-use control unit DS-U3

The high-speed interface IEEE1394b emphasizes the total performance of the camera. Optional NIS-Elements imaging software enables the effective capturing, management, processing and analysis of images and movies, and data exporting. NIS-Elements also supports microscope and peripheral device control and it offers the option to build-up a microscope system.

DS-Fi2-U3 configured with ECLIPSE LV100N POL microscope

DS-Fi2-L3 configured with ECLIPSE Ni-E microscope