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Epi-Fluorescence Attachment

P-FLA2 Epi-fluorescence Attachment

Nikon developed the P-FLA2 Epi-fluorescence Attachment for stereoscopic microscopes to allow easy observation of living cells under fluorescence methods such as GFP. Switching between the fluorescence method and brightfield method is quick and easy. If you add an optional photo port to this attachment, you can mount a DS series digital camera or a CCTV camera without using a beam splitter. Because 100% of the light is delivered to the photo port, bright images are ensured.

These products can be used with the SMZ1000 and SMZ800.

Magnification 1X
Mountable filter blocks Max. 4
Light source 100W mercury lamp
130W mercury lamp (C-HGFI Intensilight)
Filter blocks 2 dedicated types (Not compatible with biological microscopes.)
P-FL GFP-B (EX460-500, DM505, BA510-560)
P-FL GFP-L (EX460-500, DM505, BA510)
Light path of dedicated side port (option) Left eyepiece : right eyepiece : output port
= 100 : 100 : 0, 0 : 50 : 100