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Industrial Microscopes

ECLIPSE series can be used to observe or inspect semiconductors, magnetic heads, LCDs, electronic parts and so on. Various models are available for various sample sizes. ECLIPSE component units can be used for OEM.

Stereoscopic Microscopes

SMZ series can be used at on-site inspection or for manipulation of a sample thanks to their stereoscopic image, long working distance and wide field of view. Various models are available for many applications and purposes.

Multi-purpose Zoom Microscopes

AZ series offers the combined advantages of a stereoscopic microscope with a wide field of view and a long working distance and an industrial microscope with high-resolution images and various observation methods.

Digital Microscope

ShuttlePix head can be used as a handheld zoom microscope or attached to motorized focusing stand. It offers to capture high quality images of objects of almost all any size in any location imaginable.

Cameras for Microscopy

The lineup allows you to select a suitable camera for each sample and observation method.

Imaging Software

Nikon offers the total software solution that covers image capture, archiving, and analysis.

X-ray and CT Inspection

X-ray and CT Inspection offer non-destructive methods to view the internal structures of electronic or industrial parts for defect inspection and measurements.

Semiconductor Inspection Equipment

This equipment is used for high-precision inspections and measurements in the semiconductor manufacturing process.


Measuring Instruments

MM series of high precision measuring microscopes featuring the latest in digital imaging and industrial metrology technologies integrated seamlessly.

Profile Projector

Profile Projector technology designed to display accurate magnification of workpiece for comparision and precision measurements with data processing.


Autocollimator instruments with brightfield and darkield models for simultaneous measurements on two axes and for easy alignment and measurements.

CNC Video Measuring System

NEXIV series designed for high-speed and accurate measurement of small to large workpieces using optical, laser, and touch probe sensors.

3D Metrology

3D Metrology solutions enabling the Digital Inspection Process (DIP) with accurate point clouds for today's digital designs in the manufacturing process.

Metrology Assisted Production

Metrology Assisted Production instrumentation for succesful deployment of metrology-driven manufacturing and production by providing accurate geometrical data.

White Light Interferometric Microscope System

Nikon’s proprietary scanning-type optical interference measurement technology achieves 1 picometer (pm) height resolution. Nikon offers a variety of optical microscopes as measurement systems to suit a wide range of measurement applications.