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MONARCH Fieldscope 82/82-A/60/60-A

  • Hybrid Body System realises an optimised optical system for both observing and digiscoping;
    employs a unit structure that permits the prism unit to be easily attached/detached from the objective lens unit;
    enables your desired combination of Fieldscope diameter, prism and eyepiece for observation, as well as realising prime focus digiscoping via attachment
  • One focus ring for quick and fine-focusing performance: Dual Trans Focus System
  • Advanced apochromat optical system uses ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass, realising a contrast-rich, clearer field of view
  • Field-flattener lens system employed for consistent sharpness across the entire field of view
  • Multilayer coating is applied to all lens and prism surfaces, ensuring superior brightness and colour fidelity
  • Highly reliable sleeve mechanism enables connection of an objective lens unit and prism unit to minimise optical axis deviation
  • Employing a prism featuring total reflection minimises light loss and provides a bright, clear field of view
  • Fully rubber-armoured exterior body fits comfortably in your hand; easy-to-operate focus ring
  • Labyrinth structure prevents water entering and each unit is filled with nitrogen gas for waterproof performance
  • Objective lens unit/Prism unit: Waterproof (up to 1m for 10 min.)*1 and fog-free with nitrogen gas
    Unit joint: Waterproof (water equivalent to 5mm per minute for a duration of 30 minutes)*2
    Eyepiece: Not waterproof. Waterproof when attached to the Fieldscope body.*2
  • *1This product will suffer no damage to the optical system if submerged or dropped in water to a maximum depth of 1 metre for up to 10 minutes. NOT designed for underwater usage.
  • *2This product will suffer no damage to the optical system in falling water equivalent to 5mm rainfall per minute for a duration of 30 minutes. NOT designed for underwater usage.