OZ Nikon Version

Who's got the moves?
Watch this Nikon 100th anniversary dance movie
Nikon employees and
a new generation Japanese rock band, Mrs. Green Apple!
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Air Ship Mrs Green Apple on the clouds Particle

N Pose for Nikon!

Nikon 100th anniversary x Mrs. GREEN APPLE

3 min. 45 sec.

“Oz [Nikon Version]” starts from the last scene of
the music video “Oz” by Mrs. GREEN APPLE.
This is a must-see dance collaboration
you won’t find anywhere else!

Music: “Oz [Nikon Version]” by Mrs. GREEN APPLE
Choreography: Papaya Suzuki
Cast: Selected Team of Nikon Employees

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Mrs Green Apple - Snap shot

Mrs. GREEN APPLE was formed in April 2013. The songs and singing voice of vocalist and guitarist Motoki Omori (merely age 16 at the time of debut) went viral mainly among junior and senior high school girls in Japan.

Their major debut occurred in July 2015 with the release of the mini-album Variety, followed by their first single Speaking in December of the same year. In January 2016, their first album TWELVE was released, which debuted at No. 10 on Japan’s most popular Oricon music hit chart.

In January 2017, the group released their second album “Mrs. GREEN APPLE”, which debuted at No. 9 on the Oricon music chart. From March of that year, the group went on a one man tour “MGA MEET YOU TOUR”, which saw a rousing grand finale performance at Tokyo International Forum Hall A. In July, the group celebrated their second anniversary and held anniversary events in Tokyo and Osaka. The group is a new generation band full of momentum and promise.