The Nikon House (New York)

In 1970, the Nikon House*1 opened on New York’s Madison Avenue as the industry’s first showroom. Then in 1977, the showroom moved to the Rockefeller Center*2 as a venue to garner businessmen and visitors alike from around the world. In addition to the display of Nikon cameras and binoculars, the Nikon House played a role in popularizing camera culture through exhibitions at the Photo Gallery and organizing photography class sessions.

*1: Following New York, the Nikon Gallery with permanent exhibitions opened in Paris (1971) and Barcelona (1974), and the Nikon Photo Gallery opened in Zurich (1976).
*2: Although praised by many fans for over 20 years, the Nikon House closed its doors in 1994 due to redevelopment at the Rockefeller Center.