Nikon Museum holds uniquely themed special exhibitions and events relating to Nikon products and businesses.

New Movie at the Museum Theater — “Viaduct Construction and Nikon Total Station”

Screening from February 12, 2019 (Tue)

Nikon will begin screening a new movie, “Viaduct Construction and Nikon Total Station”, at Nikon Museum's theater from February 12, 2019.

For this movie, we conducted an on-site interview of the site engineer of the Nakajima Viaduct construction site (Oyama-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka). The Nakajima Viaduct is an approximately 500 m long part of the Shin-Tomei Expressway with a maximum height of 46 m.

This movie illustrates the difficulties in leading a construction project safely and smoothly, and the joy and satisfaction of the job, while also introducing the Nikon “Nivo-Z” Total Station that facilitates large viaduct construction.

  • *This is the third episode of Nikon Museum's “Professionals & Nikon” original movie series, which focuses on skilled professionals and the Nikon products that support their work.

Filmed using Nikon Z 7
This movie was filmed using Nikon Z 7 cameras, Z-mount lenses and F-mount lenses, with some exceptions such as aerial shots. We hope you enjoy this high-definition movie in full-frame 4K UHD.

Additional movie Professionals & Nikon — Nikon, supporting the craftspeople ③
Viaduct Construction and Nikon Total Station
Cooperation Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited
Obayashi Corporation

Special Exhibition “Rokuro Yoshida Photo Exhibition — Snow Crystals”

Dates: January 7, 2019 (Mon) – March 30, 2019 (Sat)

Nikon Museum will hold the “Rokuro Yoshida Photo Exhibition — Snow Crystals” from January 7 to March 30, 2019.

Rokuro Yoshida was a photographer and film director born in 1919, exactly 100 years ago, in Hiraka-gun (now Yokote city), Akita. He is known as the inventor of the “single light source, dual-color illumination method”, which is the origin of the blue background often used to shoot photographs of snow crystals today.

This is the first full- scale retrospective exhibition of Rokuro Yoshida, and is based around 60 microscope images photographed by him, as well as explanations of his photographic system. In addition, the digital version of the “Observation of Snow and Crystals” movie will be screened. It is the first movie in which snow crystals have been shot using a microscope with a blue background. With these exhibits, we present the “big picture” of Rokuro Yoshida's snow crystal photos.
The selection and arrangement of the exhibited items are supervised by Mr. Akifumi Yoshida, grandson of Rokuro Yoshida.

Rokuro Yoshida
Rokuro Yoshida was born in 1919 at Jumonji-machi, Hiraka-gun (now Yokote city) in Akita. During the filming of “Observation of Snow and Crystals” (1960), he developed the “single light source, dual-color illumination method”, which is the standard illumination method for shooting snow crystals in color today. In 1970, he decided that taking photos of snow crystals would be his life's work. He took thousands of photos throughout his life, and died on December 1, 1995. He published many books, including a photo book “Letters from Heaven”, a postcard book “Snow Crystals” and a picture book “Kira-Kira” (words: Shuntaro Tanigawa).

Exhibits 60 photos of snow crystals
Movie “Observation of Snow and Crystals” (1960, Toei)
Commentary panels explaining the formation and classification of snow crystals, etc.
Large photo panels
Arrangement Mr. Akifumi Yoshida
Cooperation Toei Company
The Nakaya Ukichiro Foundation
The Ukichiro Nakaya Museum of Snow And Ice
Dr. Akira Yamashita, Emeritus Professor of Osaka Kyoiku University
The late Dr. Keiji Higuchi, Emeritus Professor of Nagoya University, and his family
Rokuro Yoshida and his photographic apparatus

New Movie at the Museum Theater — “Sunflower Satsuma Ferry and Nikon Binoculars”

Screening from December 10, 2018 (Mon)

Nikon will begin screening a new movie, “Sunflower Satsuma Ferry and Nikon Binoculars”, at Nikon Museum’s theater from December 10, 2018.

For this movie, we interviewed the captain of a large ferry called Sunflower Satsuma. The ferry is 192 m long and weighs 13,000 t. It cruises between Osaka and Shibushi in Kagoshima. The movie shows the pressure the captain is under, being responsible for 700 passengers, the difficulties of cruising at sea, and the joy of being a sailor, while also introducing the Nikon 7×50IF SP WP and 20×120 III binoculars that help ensure safe and comfortable large ferry cruises.

  • *Satsuma: the name of a former domain in Japan, located in what is now the eastern part of Kagoshima prefecture.
  • *This is the second episode of Nikon Museum’s “Professionals & Nikon — Nikon, supporting the craftspeople” original movie series, which focuses on skilled professionals and the Nikon products that support their work.
Additional movie Professionals & Nikon — Nikon, supporting the craftspeople ②
Sunflower Satsuma Ferry and Nikon Binoculars
Cooperation Ferry Sunflower Limited

Past Events

New Movie at the Museum Theater — “Watchmaker at Shizuku-Ishi Watch Studio — Nikon Stereo Microscope SM-5”

Screening from November 1, 2018
Additional movie Professionals & Nikon — Nikon, supporting the craftspeople ①
Watchmaker at Shizuku-Ishi Watch Studio — Nikon Stereo Microscope SM-5
Cooperation Seiko Instruments Inc.
Morioka Seiko Instruments Inc.

Special Exhibition “Prototype Lenses — Fascinating Images Captured by the Nikon Z 7 Mirrorless Camera”

Dates October 2, 2018 – December 27, 2018
Exhibits Approx. 60 prototype lenses
Sample photos

Celebrating 100,000 visitors

Achieved July 7, 2018

New Movies at the Museum Theater

Screening from May 14, 2018
Additional movie Testuro Goto Interview ① Nikon space cameras that contributed to space
Tetsuro Goto Interview ② Special Cameras for the Adventurer Naomi Uemura
Testuro Goto Interview ③ Special Nikon Camera for Author Seicho Matsumoto

Special Exhibition “100 Years of Nikon Binoculars”

Dates July 3, 2018 – September 29, 2018
Exhibits Approx. 300 binoculars
Product brochures
Women’s dresses
Cooperation The National Museum of Nature and Science
Sugino Gakuen Dressmaker Gakuin

Special Exhibition “Ultra-Micro-NIKKOR — a Genealogy of the World’s Highest Resolution Lenses”

Dates April 3, 2018 – June 30, 2018
Exhibitions About 40 lenses including Ultra-Micro-NIKKOR lenses
About 40 electronic devices

Special Exhibition “HIROTA’S F PERIOD”

Dates January 5, 2018 – March 31, 2018
Exhibits Over 60 photos
Movies including a special interview
Movies of new photographs
Photo equipment, etc.

Fourth (Final) 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition “The World of F-mount NIKKOR”

Dates October 3, 2017 – December 27, 2017
Exhibits Approximately 400 F-mount NIKKOR lenses, a celestial globe with a Fisheye NIKKOR lens, and more

Updating of exhibits and changes to staff uniforms

Dates July 24, 2017
Major changes Hands-on corner
Telephoto lenses and prototypes
Brochure library
The history of Nikon survey instruments
Audio guide service
Staff uniforms

The Third 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition ”A Century of Memories — David Douglas Duncan”

Dates July 4, 2017 – September 30, 2017
Exhibits 24 photographs, interviews, and more
Cooperation Joseph McNally Studio
Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas, Austin

The Second 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition “Prototype Cameras — Developers' Memories”

Dates April 4, 2017 – July 1, 2017
Exhibits Approx. 40 prototype cameras

100th Anniversary Special Exhibition “Naomi Uemura — Camera Techniques in Polar Regions”

Dates January 5, 2017 – April 1, 2017
Exhibits Approx. 20 photos and approx. 20 items of equipment
Cooperation Uemura Museum Tokyo, Toyooka-city Uemura Naomi Memorial Museum, Bungeishunju Ltd.

Special exhibition “Hana Utage — Flower Banquet”

Dates October 4, 2016 – December 27, 2016
Exhibits “Petals of the Sun”, “Roses”
Cooperation Shotaro Akiyama Photo Art Museum

Special exhibition “Walk with Yusaku Kamekura”

Dates July 4, 2016 – October 1, 2016
Exhibits Approximately 70 Kamekura-designed items, mainly Nikon materials
Cooperation Yusaku Kamekura Library, Recruit Hodings Co., Ltd. CREATION GALLERY G8, The Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Osaka Prefectural Expo '70 Commemorative Park Office, JCII Camera Museum, and oters

Special exhibition “The beauty of Mt. Fuji, a mountain beloved beyond time — Koyo Okada”

Dates April 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016
  • “SNOW DAY”
Cooperation Koyo Okada Photo Art Museum

Special exhibition “Through the eyes of Ken DOMON”

Dates January 5, 2016 – March 31, 2016
Exhibits From the second collection of A Pilgrimage through Old Temples
“Right Arms of the Thousand-arm Kannon at the Toshodai-ji”
“Left Arms of the Thousand-arm Kannon at the Toshodai-ji”
Cooperation Ken Domon Museum of Photography

Special exhibition “Ihei Kimura — Lass”

Dates October 17, 2015 – December 26, 2015
Exhibits “Lass”