June 30, 2020

Notification concerning attendance after museum re-opening

Nikon Museum re-opened on June 30 (Tue). The museum's services have resumed, but it is closed on Mondays in addition to Sundays and national holidays, shortened opening hours, reservation-only admissions, and limitations on the number of visitors have been instituted in order to prevent further infections. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Addition of Monday closures and shortened opening hours

The museum is closed on Mondays, in addition to Sundays and Japanese national holidays. Furthermore, opening hours have been shortened by one hour, from 10:00 to 17:00.

Admission by reservation

A reservation is required to visit the museum. For reservations, please fill in the contact form below, at least three days (excluding days when the museum is closed) before the date you wish to visit, entering the group name, name and contact phone number or email address of a representative, a preferred visiting date and period and the number of visitors. A representative of the museum will send a return email. We may decline your request if there are a large number of reservation applications for the same time period, or if the number of visitors included in a reservation exceeds the limit for the same time period.

Limitations on number of visitors and attendance time

The museum limits the number of visitors to a maximum of 5 for a group and the attendance time to one hour.

Physical condition check

When entering the museum, staff will check your body temperature. The staff may refuse you (and anyone attending with you) entry if your body temperature is higher than 37.5℃, or when you show cold-like symptoms such as a cough.

Wearing masks

The wearing of masks or similar products is recommended while visiting the museum. (except infants)

Thorough hand disinfection

When entering the museum, please thoroughly wash your hands using surgical alcohol.

Social distancing

Please keep a distance of approximately 2 m from other visitors when touring the museum. The museum has reduced the number of seats in the theaters for reasons of social distancing.

Removal of certain exhibits

The museum has removed hands-on exhibits such as cameras and lenses. Audio guide service has also been temporarily suspended.

Guided tours

Guided tours by museum staff have been temporarily suspended.

Staff services

Museum staff may wear masks, gloves, and face guards if it is required, while serving visitors. Partitions have also been set up at the front desk.


Nikon Museum will implement required measures with respect to the spread of infection according to circumstances. Please follow the staff’s directions while in the museum.