Improving Products/Service Quality

Relevant SDGs

12 Responsible consumption and production


No matter how good a product is, Nikon cannot contribute to the sustainable development of society unless the product is a safe one. As IoT rapidly advances, it is essential to ensure quality including safety in software and solutions as well as to address changes in people's lifestyles and values.

Responsible Officer's Message

The Nikon Group believes that its mission is to contribute to the sound development of society through creative and efficient manufacturing. For that purpose, the Nikon Group established the Production Technology Division in June 2017 and is working on innovating its manufacturing throughout the company. In particular, the most overriding theme is to ensure quality, including safety and environmental considerations. The Nikon Group is strengthening its quality assurance system, including its development of human resources with a focus on the newly established Quality Committee in September 2017. The Nikon Group will also place an emphasis on customer communication. In order to address the diversifying and sophisticated needs of customers it is essential to strategically incorporate the opinions of customers, and of society, into the business. The Nikon Group will endeavor to provide products that meet these needs through customer-focused manufacturing.

Jun Nagatsuka
Corporate Vice President,
General Manager of Production Technology Division

Main initiatives and results in the year ended March 31, 2018

Established Production Technology Division and Quality Committee


Nikon is promoting manufacturing reform in order to create products with a higher level of added value than ever before and to contribute to the healthy development of society. In June 2017, the Nikon Group established the Production Technology Division that presides over manufacturing for the entire group and which goes beyond each individual business. Furthermore, in order to strengthen the quality management system of the entire Group, Nikon established the Quality Committee.

Nikon Sustainability Report

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