Art and Science

The Nikon Group engages in activities to support art and science with the aim of realizing a prosperous society.

Nikon Salon (Nikon Imaging)

The Nikon Salon photo gallery was first established in Ginza in January 1968 to celebrate Nikon's 50th anniversary, with the aim of promoting and advancing photographic culture. It has since provided opportunities for many professional and amateur photographers by hosting their lectures and exhibitions.
These opportunities increased with the opening of the Shinjuku Nikon Salon *in June 1971, followed by the opening of the Osaka Nikon Salon in March 1974.

  • *Operating as the Nikon Plaza Shinjuku - THE GALLERY, since July 25, 2017.

Nikon Photo Contest

Since 1969, Nikon Corporation has sponsored the Nikon Photo Contest, an international photography contest. The contest is held annually based on a vision of, photographers competing through the international language of images to convey important stories and influence the way people think, in turn cultivating aspiring communities. To date, some 410 thousand people have applied to the contest, with over 1.62 million entries being received.
In the 2016–2017 contest dedicated to the themes of "Celebration" and the "Future," over 76,000 applications were received from 170 countries and territories around the world, the most to date, the winners of the Contest have been decided as below.

2016-2017 Winners

Nikon 100th Anniversary Prize:
Greeting to the Sun
Grand Prize: δΌ‘ (Break Time)
Award for the Most Popular Entry:
Disappearing fishing method by Moken

Other Activities

Contact Photography Festival

Since 2012, Nikon Canada Inc. has supported the Contact Photography Festival which is organized by a non-profit organization. The festival is a great month-long event with the exhibited works of more than 1,500 artists and photographers, and attracts more than a million visitors. At this festival, Nikon Canada Inc. supports the photographers, including international photographers and next-generation photographers, aiming to expand the photo community in Canada. In May 2016, as well, Nikon helped support photographers and photography lovers visiting the event through free classes conducted by professions and free equipment maintenance.

Action (Photo) Education

Nikon Poland Branch office of Nikon CEE GmbH has promoted a multimedia educational program for youths called "Action (Photo) Education" every year since 2012. The program introduces photography materials and holds photo competitions to encourage high school and university students to practice photography to both assist their career development and foster their creativity as artists. Materials including sample images, graphics and movies are freely available on the web for youths. Materials for the instructors are also provided to schools which participate in the program.

Holding the Top Eye Photography Summit for High School Students

The TopEye Photography Summit for Japanese High School Students 2018

Nikon Imaging Japan Inc. supports the activities of photography clubs for junior and senior high school students across the country through photo contests and advice from photographers in TopEye, a dedicated photography magazine. In the year ended March 31, 2018, Nikon held the TopEye Photography Summit for High School Students 2018 from February 2 to 4. The sixth time holding the summit, 45 students from the top 15 photo clubs selected via a TopEye photo contest participated. Held in Yokohama, the students competed based and creativity and their ability to capture images which expressed the contest's theme of Resonance β€” Yokohama. In addition, photography training by professional photographers and other programs were held, helping to support the students' photography activities.