Nikon Group knows that environmental problems are a globally shared and pressing issue and supports environmental conservation activities being implemented by NPOs and NGOs and also engages in environmental education activities for children, among other initiatives.

Other Activities

Participating in Environmental Activities as Members of the Community

View insect specimens at "Shinagawa Eco Festival 2016"

Plants and Group companies engage in periodic neighborhood cleanup activities and also actively participate in and cooperate with local environmental activities.
In the year ended March 31, 2017, the Oi Plant participated in "Shinagawa Eco Festival 2016" and gave local children the chance to view insect specimens and flowers up close using Nikon's Fabre series of microscopes in addition to implementing a neighborhood cleanup event.

Tree Planting in an Ayutthaya Park

100 employees participated as volunteers

In June 2016, employee volunteers from Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. engaged in a tree planting activity in Ayutthaya. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Nikon, 100 employee volunteers planted 100 golden rain trees and 100 monkeypod trees. The event was conducted in a public park together with the local government of Ayutthaya Province. In addition to the tree planting, cleanup activities were conducted and garbage cans were also donated.