The Nikon Group knows that environmental problems are a globally shared and pressing issue and supports environmental conservation activities being implemented by NPOs and NGOs and also engages in environmental education activities for children, among other initiatives. We are also undertaking environmental conservation activities rooted in local communities at business facilities and Group companies.

Other Activities

Community Contribution Activities

Each business in Nikon and its Group companies in Japan regularly clean and cut the grass around the office buildings contributing to the upkeep of the natural environment in local communities. Nikon also actively participates and cooperates in environmental conservation and community revitalization projects held in the community.
In the year ended March 31, 2018, a total of 1,107 Nikon business employees participated in these types of activities.

Mangrove Tree Planting

In March 2018, Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. participated in the Mangrove Natural School project in Samut Songkram State, Thailand. This is a mangrove rebuilding project run by an NPO in Bang Kaeo district for environmental preservation and raising awareness of the environment among employees. The participants, including about 120 employees from Nikon (Thailand), planted 2,000 mangrove trees and listened to talks by speakers from the Mangrove Natural School on the connection between the mangroves and coastal ecosystems, the importance of reviving the mangroves, and protection of the mangrove forests in Thailand.