The Nikon Group is actively involved in educating the next generation and supporting academic research.

Other Activities

Nikon Chair of Imaging Science in Tokyo University

Nikon contributed to establish the Nikon Chair of Imaging Science in the Institute of Industrial Science of the University of Tokyo in April 2012. This department aims to evolve and advance Japan's optics technologies in a sustainable manner by nurturing excellent human resources who will lead the next generation of optical industry. Hiroshi Ohki, former Advisor of Nikon Corporation, serves as the Project Professor.

Supporting Overseas Study for Japanese Students

Nikon participates in the Global Human Resource Development Community, which is led by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Japan Student Services Organization, an independent administrative institution, as a public-private effort. We support the community's overseas study support program, Tobitate! (Leap for Tomorrow) Study Abroad Initiative. As a member of the Global Human Resource Development Community, Nikon supports the program by donating money for overseas study assistance and assists the community's personnel division in application screenings and oral examinations.

Supporting SEMI High Tech U

Every year since 2005, Nikon Precision Inc. and Nikon Research Corporation of America have supported SEMI High Tech U, a career exploration program for high school students hosted by the SEMI Foundation.

Educational Support in India – Supporting Safe and Secure Educational Environments

In March 2018, Nikon India Private Limited donated a school bus with wheelchair lift to Vishwas, an organization which helps children with disabilities to eventually gain employment. The school bus will be used to transport children unable to walk to school because it is often unsafe to do so. Printers were also donated to help support the learning of children with disabilities. In addition to this, Nikon India also previously donated 17 water purifiers to provide safe drinking water, 1,165 school desks, and donated money for the construction of extra classrooms.