The Nikon Group provides a variety of assistance in order to contribute to the improvement of health in local communities.

Project F.L.A.S.H

Since the year ended March 31, 2012, the three US companies of Nikon Inc., Nikon Instruments Inc., and Nikon Americas Inc. have continuously worked with the local Long Island, New York organizations of the Ronald McDonald House and Sunrise Day Camp to implement Project F.L.A.S.H., which supports children and the families of children fighting serious illnesses.
The activities conducted with Sunrise Day Camp are held at a local campground to support child cancer patients. The three Nikon US companies hold charity events and conduct volunteer activities such as cleanup sessions aimed at providing the children with a comfortable camping event.
Ronald McDonald House operates facilities where families can stay close to the hospitals where their sick children are being treated. The three Nikon US companies take and provide family photographs and engage in volunteer activities to make evening meals. In the year ended March 31, 2018, 94 employees participated in Project F.L.A.S.H. activities.

A volunteer participated in Sunrise Day Camp activities
A volunteer activity to make dinner

Supporting the Japan Association for the World Food Programme

Participating in WFP Walk the World

Group photo before the start of the charity walk (May 2018)

Since 2013, Nikon Group in Japan has participated in WFP Walk the World, a charity walk event hosted by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the Japan Association for the World Food Programme. A portion of the participation expenses are donated to school lunch programs in developing nations.
At the May 2018 event, 230 Nikon Group employees in Japan participated.
In addition, since 2006 Nikon Corporation has been a corporate member of the Japan Association for the WFP and has continuously cooperated in the organizations photography exhibits which present Japan Association for the WFP activities.

Number of Employees Participating in the WFP Walk the World Event

Year held Number of participants
2014 30
2015 59
2016 87
2017 125
2018 230

Support for the school lunch program

Nikon Group has been supporting the school lunch program called “Red Cup Programme” initiated by Japan Association for the World Food Programme who is a certified NPO for the United Nations World Food Programme.
Red Cup Campaign delivers school meals to as many children who suffer hunger and poverty as possible. This campaign aims to raise awareness of many people by telling that there are still many children who are starved to death or cannot attend school because they have to work to survive.
Nikon adopted the matching gift program, whereas the company donates a certain amount to the Red Cup Campaign on condition of employees' participation in volunteer activities.

Participating in TABLE FOR TWO initiative

Nikon is participating in the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) initiative. Depending on the number of lunches provided in our cafeterias, Nikon donates money that will be used to cover the cost of one school meal for a child in Africa and Asia.
For offices that have no cafeteria, a vending machine was installed instead. When Nikon employees buy a drink from the machine, Nikon Business Service Co., Ltd. and Kirin Beverage Corporation donate 1% each (a total of 2%) from the sales. With the collected donation, over 100,000 school meals have been sent to children through TFT.