Participating in the Coastal Forest Restoration Project Volunteer Activities

Since 2012, Nikon Corporation has supported Natori, Miyagi's Coastal Forest Restoration Project. A 10 year project conducted by OISCA Japan and the Association for Coastal Forest Restoration in Natori City, the project aims to restore coastal black pine tree forests lost to tsunami. In addition to annual donations, Nikon Corporation supports the project by providing photographs and holding photo exhibitions of the project's activities as well as through employee participation in volunteer activities.

Participating in the Third Saturday Volunteer Activity

Black pine trees planted in 2013,and nikon Group employees engaging in a volunteer activity

Together with a great number of volunteers from around the country, Nikon Group employees zealously engage in volunteer activities conducted every third Saturday of the month. Activities are conducted throughout the year and include gathering chips around roots, undergrowth cutting, and the removal of weeds which impede seedling growth such as kudzu and vines. In the year ended March 31, 2018, a total of 14 employees participated in volunteer activities for this project.