Assistance for Reconstruction

While providing emergency aid for large scale natural disasters, Nikon Group has continued to engage in activities to aid in recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In the year ended March 31, 2017, Nikon Group donated money as emergency assistance to the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, the October 2016 Central Italy Earthquakes, and the flooding in West Virginia and Louisiana in the US.

Photo Book Project for Junior High School Students

The Junior High School Student Photo Book Project is an activity conducted by Nikon which provides junior high school students in disaster stricken areas with an opportunity to experience photography. It is hoped that through the creative activity of conveying thoughts via photography, each student will be able to share what they are feeling with their friends, family, and the people of the community and in turn demonstrate their strength.

Participating in the Coastal Forest Restoration Project Volunteer Activities

A 10 year project conducted by OISCA Japan and the Association for Coastal Forest Restoration in Natori City, the project aims to restore coastal black pine tree forests lost to tsunami.

Other Activities Supporting Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Other Support Activities for Communities Affected by Disasters

The Nikon Group provides emergency support in the form of funds to areas hit by large-scale natural disasters.

The Group contributed 10 million yen to provide emergency support after the Kumamoto Earthquake occurred in April 2016. The group also called on employees to donate funds and, through our matching gift* program, we provided total of 4,133,588 yen.
In addition, we also donated funds in response to the August 2016 Central Italy Earthquake as well as the flooding in the states of West Virginia and Louisina in the US.

  • * A system under which a company donates an amount equal to and on top of the amount donated by its employees.