Strengthening Compliance

Relevant SDGs

16 Peace, justice and strong institutions

Reason for Priority

Increasing public attention has been drawn to corporate social responsibility over time. Amidst this, there have been a number of scandals that have even threatened the survival of major companies in an instant due to the materialization of risk of loss of credibility accompanying misconduct. By focusing on international guidelines and rules, Nikon and other companies must not only prevent scandals before they occur, but also in a broader sense strengthen their compliance system and contribute to the sustainable development of society, playing a role in the realization of a better society.


The Nikon Code of Conduct sets the standards for all Nikon Group employees to fully recognize the importance of compliance, abide by laws and regulations, company rules, and social norms, make ethical decisions, and take appropriate actions with integrity in day-to-day business activities. The Nikon Code of Conduct also represents our foundation for strengthening global governance and responding to the expectations of the international community. Acting according to the Nikon Code of Conduct will ensure Nikon fulfills its social responsibilities and contributes to the sustainable development of society.
I will continue to put the Nikon Code of Conduct into practice also to crystallize our corporate philosophy "Trustworthiness and Creativity" and management vision of "Unlock the future with the power of light."

Takumi Odajima
Representative Director and Executive Vice President
General Manager of Human Resources & Administration Division
Chairperson of the Business Conduct Committee

Main initiatives and results in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020

Conducting Employee Awareness Surveys


In order to clarify awareness of Nikon's corporate philosophy and understanding of the Nikon Code of Conduct among employees, and determine the effectiveness of compliance training, an awareness survey targeting employees of the Nikon Group both in and outside Japan is implemented once a year to once every two years.
The survey was conducted among the Nikon Group in Japan in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, with 10,743 people responded (response rate 95.4%). Results are shared with each workplace, while departments with low scores will be interviewed and provided with instruction for improvement.

Conducting Competition Law Training


The Nikon Group has been making global efforts to educate employees with respect to competition law that are in line with the laws and regulations of each country.
In the fiscal year ended on March 31, 2020, e-learning was conducted in Japan with content based on revised laws. In addition, training on competition law was conducted at 36 companies outside Japan (2 non-consolidated group companies included) among 5,289 employees based on risks associated with the business scope of each company.

  • *As of March 31, 2020; training results for Europe are not included due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Nikon Sustainability Report

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