Respecting Human Rights

Relevant SDGs

10 Reduced inequalities 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions


There are still many human rights issues in the world today, including forced labor, child labor, and workers forced to work in deplorable conditions. To address this serious and complex social issue, the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights require that companies carry out human rights due diligence.

The Nikon Approach

As a company with global operations, the Nikon Group is deeply aware of the importance of respecting human rights in its business activities. One of our many responsibilities to society is addressing human rights issues sincerely.
In recent years, the issues of modern slavery and child labor have been in the spotlight internationally. Recognizing that these issues represent high human rights risk, the Nikon Group is committed to ensuring that it does not violate human rights nor is complicit in the human rights violations of others during the course of its business activities. We will continue to raise awareness among employees through human rights education, and we will monitor the situation within our supply chain through surveys and audits and make continual improvements.

Launch of “Nikon Human Rights Policy”

We launched “Nikon Human Rights Policy” in April 2019 so as to clarify our approach to human rights issues in Nikon group worldwide.
The policy has been approved by the Board of Directors of Nikon Corporation.

Main Initiatives and Results in the Year Ended March 31, 2018

Internal Human Rights and Labor Investigations in Nikon Group


Internal human rights and labor investigations are conducted annually within the Nikon Group. During the year ended March 31, 2018, we carried out investigations of our companies in Japan and Asia concerning technical intern trainees and migrant workers, given that high human rights risks associated with these workers is viewed as a serious problem in recent years.

Human Rights Education for Employees


In Japan, we conducted an e-learning program on human rights. The program is for senior management, all employees of Nikon and employees of Group companies involved in work deeply correlated to human rights issues (human resources or procurement, etc.). A total of 90.2% of the 7,088 eligible persons completed the program. Also, we publish a CSR newsletter aimed at all Group employees, including overseas. Within this newsletter, information is provided on human rights issues to raise awareness.

Nikon Sustainability Report

For more details, please see the Nikon Sustainability Report.

Compliance with the UK Modern Slavery Act