Promoting the Success of Diverse Employees and Work Efficiency

Relevant SDGs

5 Gender Equality 8 Decent work and economic growth


Modern companies with global business operations have employees from differing social backgrounds and customs. Companies today are required to provide decent work for employees along with a workplace environment where individuals can thrive professionally.

Responsible Officer's Message

Nikon marked its 100th anniversary in 2017. To maintain a growth trajectory for the next 100 years, it is essential that we foster a dynamic corporate culture and develop the talent who will drive innovation. Toward this end, it is important that we provide workplaces that embrace diversity and where our employee can contribute their skills. I believe this represents one of the Nikon Group's most important social responsibilities. Specifically, we design and implement a variety of fair HR programs that emphasize pay for performance and strive to manage employee health and safety rigorously for a greater sense of security. In addition, we believe that utilizing women in the workplace in Japan is a particularly important issue to address. We will continue to establish a workplace environment where women working at the Nikon Group can play an active role.

Takumi Odajima
Senior Vice President and Director
General Manager of Human Resources & Administration Division

Main Initiatives and Results in the Year Ended March 31, 2018

Nikon's Female Ratio in Management Positions


Nikon's conducting the same hiring and treatment of employees regardless of gender. Nevertheless, we are working to promote the more active role of women in the workplace because the ratio of female employees in Japan remains at a low level. Nikon's female ratio in management positions stood at 5.8% as of March 31, 2018, which is approximately 0.1 percentage points higher than the time the target was first established at March 31, 2017. The ratio of female employees stood at 11.5% for Nikon and 15.5% for Group companies in Japan as of March 31, 2018.

Nikon's Return to Work Rate after Childcare Leave


We promote work-life balance with the goal of offering a workplace where employees can work with peace of mind and produce results as a team. As part of these efforts, we are developing systems and measures to help employees strike a balance between work and childcare. The return to work rate at Nikon was 98% for women and 100% for men in the year ended March 31, 2018. The return to work rate at Group companies in Japan was 99% for women and 100% for men.

Frequency Rate of Lost Time Accidents at the Nikon Group


We manage health and safety knowing that employee health and safety is a foundation of business activities. The frequency rate of lost time accidents* in the year ended March 31, 2018 was 0.40 for Nikon and 1.07 for Group companies in Japan. Viewed by overseas region, the rate was 1.55 for Nikon's Group companies in Europe, 0.51 for Group companies in the Americas, and 0.41 for Group companies in Asia and Oceania.

  • * The number of deaths and injuries resulting from occupational accidents per million hours worked, which is used as an index for the frequency of occupational accidents.

Nikon Sustainability Report

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