Efforts for Security and Export Control

In order to maintain international peace and security, we are entering into international treaties and establishing an international framework (export control regime) in the main countries, beginning with Japan. Nikon is implementing its export control in cooperation with the international society.

Basic Policy

The Nikon Group is committed to security and export control, not only for the sake of compliance with laws and regulations, but also for the purpose of maintaining international peace and security.
Nikon Corporation and Group companies in Japan have established internal compliance program on export control with the following basic policy on security and export control. Our Group companies outside Japan comply with the relevant country's laws and regulations on export control.

  • 1.For the export of controlled goods, the provision of controlled technologies, the brokerage of goods and the brokerage of technology, we shall not engage in any conduct that violates the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act or any laws, regulations, ordinances or official notices based on this Act (hereinafter referred to as "Foreign Exchange Laws, etc.").
  • 2.For the purpose of complying with Foreign Exchange Laws, etc. and conducting appropriate export control, we shall designate a person responsible for security and export control, and we shall develop and enhance our systems for export control.

Framework for Security and Export Control

International framework and Japan's policies are applied in the internal compliance program of Nikon Corporation and Group companies in Japan.