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Robot Vision
Robot vision
The marriage of robotics and vision brings forth a paradigm shift in manufacturing. Nikon's robot vision can make robot motion extremely fast, precise and flexible. By leveraging the optical and precision technologies we have cultivated over the years, we are helping contribute to the evolution of robotics.
Robotics technology is essential in resolving a variety of increasingly difficult challenges such as manufacturing automation and labor shortages. However, limitations in vision have meant conventional robotics have been unable to demonstrate their full capabilities. With this in mind, Nikon combines laser, x-ray and optical measurement technology to create a kinetic vision system far superior to the human eye. Beyond the conventional robot hand's ability only to operate as instructed, robots with Nikon's robot vision can respond to unexpected events in such a flexible manner that they appear to be alive. This superior vision will boost productivity and elevate manufacturing to a whole new level.
Nikon will further evolve robot vision and drive a paradigm shift to keep the industry sustainable.
Engineer's voice
Kota Mukai
Business Development Section, Business Development Department, Next Generation Project Division
Koji Hosomi
1st Development Section, 2nd Development Department, Next Generation Project Division

"Since the project launch in 2019, we have kept the motto: unnecessary technology has no value. We first integrated the technologies that Nikon already had and evaluated a prototype to quickly resolve issues. For technologies we lacked in-house, we sought outside help to quickly and nimbly move forward with development. When we exhibited our prototype at a manufacturing industry trade show in Japan, many visitors asked if they could buy the prototype just as it was, which further strengthened our confidence in the system's market potential."

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