03 Ultimate imaging experience

The Z Series
Z 9 - Unstoppable
The Z 9, as Nikon's first flagship mirrorless camera, brings long-awaited professional reliability into its category while rewriting what's possible in image-making across the board. A great leap forward in autofocus performance, a revolutionary electronic viewfinder that eliminates blackout, and a 4-axis vertical/horizontal tilting monitor offering freedom in shooting angle redefine what you can capture. Its 8K UHD video with the world's longest recording time of up to 125 minutes, without overheating problems, lets you push your boundaries further than ever. Whether you aim to shoot sports, wildlife, fashion, movies or other disciplines, the Z 9's speed, power, quality and ease of use will help you go beyond your limits in every situation.
Z fc - Capture your iconic moments
Photography is not only about the outcome but about enjoying every step of the process. In an age when everything changes rapidly, the Z fc was introduced to savor the joy of the creation process further. Inspired by the designs of classic Nikon cameras, the Z fc lets you control it with tactile dial operations. By slowing down to take each picture, you can discover precious, simple moments that might have been overlooked in busy modern life. Nikon's latest mirrorless imaging technology will transform your everyday moments into something truly iconic.
NIKKOR Z lenses
Largest mount. Abundant light. Ultimate imaging experience. The Z mount system is the rich and solid foundation for ever-growing imaging potential. Every NIKKOR Z lens is designed to bring a clear difference in your experience both for photography and videography. High resolution all the way to the edge of the frame, amazing sharpness even at wide open apertures, and depth of image achieved through natural and beautiful bokeh - all these characteristics work to enrich the visual experience. As many professionals attest, once you discover what's possible with NIKKOR Z lenses, you can't go back to your old aesthetic standards.
The NIKKOR Z lens lineup is scheduled to expand to a total of 36 amazing lenses by the end of 2023.