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Virtual Production visualises complex scenes or scenes that would be impossible to capture in real life using high resolution LED walls. Using Unreal Engine, it becomes possible for filmmakers to shoot against any background they can imagine, without being bound by time, season, or place. This activation supports Nikon's vision for society where people are connected in ways that transcend time and space with imaging production technologies.

"The Unreal Ride" — An interactive user experience

In addition to cutting-edge imaging products such as the flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, the Z 9, Nikon will also be showcasing "The Unreal Ride"  — a demonstration of the power of motion control and virtual production.
"The Unreal Ride" will take participants into an immersive virtual production experience, capturing a video of themselves moving through a virtual environment as if it were the real thing. Participants will sit on a custom-made futuristic motorcycle prop against the backdrop of a giant LED screen.
When captured through the lens it will appear as if they are riding through the virtual environment. The ride is captured by MRMC — A subsidiary of Nikon, using a  Bolt X  high-speed camera robot against an LED volume, with the video footage captured by the Z 9.



The Bolt™ X has the longest arm reach of our high-speed equipment. With a reach of 3.2m, the Bolt™ X allows for greater flexibility in capturing shots at high speed in the studio and at location settings.

Extend your creativity

The Bolt X gives a much larger operating envelope giving operators a greater freedom for creativity. Extremely useful for shooting live action subjects, the Bolt X is perfect for music videos, commercials, film & TV.

BOLT X reaching new heights

Bolt X horizontal arm reach extends 3.2 metres from the rotate centre and has a vertical travel of nearly 5 metres, starting from its lowest position to the maximum height of 4.3 metres.
This incredible range of movement and flexibility will give directors and DOPs new opportunities to flex their creative muscles, capturing diverse and enhanced high-speed action.

Industry standard software
FLAIR is MRMC's premier motion control software

Designed to give exceptional command over camera movement, Flair precisely controls up to 500 axes of motion and interfaces seamlessly with CGI packages. Flair is the tool that makes your vision reality.

Feature highlights


    Synchronised motion with external triggers, model movers for extreme precision timing.


    Portable, lightweight, designed to be set-up and ready for shooting in under an hour.


    Timecode based DMX lighting control.


    Create incredible timelapse with dynamic movement and feel.


    Every camera move under complete control. Precisely, repeatable.


    Define location of your object in space, to simplify any complex move.


    Precise control of zoom, iris & focus with the fastest & most powerful motors in the world.

  • MAYA

    Take moves from Maya and feed them into the Bolt – or interface to AR/VR in real-time.

BOLT X on track

To add another dimension of movement for the Bolt X, you can run the high speed camera robot on a track. Follow any object, person, or landscape to give much more flexibility in terms of visual creativity. Capable of speeds of up to 4.2 metres per second, execute any number of complex camera movements with pinpoint accuracy for new levels of dynamic high-speed tracking shots.

Bolt X On Track



We are hugely excited to be at CES 2023 with our parent company Nikon. The Unreal Ride experience we have crafted with VU Studios showcases how our Bolt X & Flair motion control technology, coupled with VU Studio's Virtual Production LED Volumes, will create a hugely exhilarating and unique video production for visitors to the show. We first showcased this at NAB show 2022 and it proved to be a huge hit with the delegates at the show!

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