Analysis & Measurement

With almost 100 years working in the field of optics, Nikon has acquired and developed industry leading metrology capabilities that allow for complete characterization of key optical and material properties. Our key capabilities include internal material characteristics from refractive index homogeneity and birefringence to chemical and physical property evaluation. We also provide high-resolution reflectance/transmittance measurements as well as a variety of other services to meet our customers' unique requirements.
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Wavelength reproducibility

±0.025 nm@UV~VIS (190 ~ 900 nm)
±0.1 nm@NIR (900 ~ 6000 nm)

Measurement samples:

Transparent glass, crystal, resin, liquid

Measurement example

Internal transmittance chart
Transmittance map on sample




≦ 0.1 nm

Measurement samples:

Transparent glass, crystal, resin

Measurement example

Birefringence map (birefringence amount)
Birefringence map
(birefringence amount and fast axis direction)

Refractive index homogeneity


RMS reproducibility

< 0.1 nm

Measurement samples

Transparent glass, crystal

Measurement example

Homogeneity (3D map)

Analysis and Measurement Services

Item Wavelength range, condition, usage, equipment
Refractive index Standard wavelength: h, g, F, e, d, C -line
Wavelength: 185 ~ 2325 nm
Temperature coefficients of refractive index Wavelength: 365 ~ 1013 nm
Temperature: -70 ~ 90 ℃
Refractive index homogeneity Wavelength: 633 nm
Transmittance Wavelength: 120 ~ 25000 nm
i-line solarization Super-high-pressure mercury lamp
Laser durability ArF excimer laser
Reflectance Wavelength: 200 ~ 25000 nm
Birefringence Crossed Nicols method
Standard measurement (accuracy: ±1 nm)
Precise measurement (accuracy: ±0.03 nm)
Birefringence distribution (wavelength: 193 nm, 633 nm)
Photoelastic constant Wavelength: 193 nm, 633 nm
Density JOGIS 05
Fluorescence Wavelength: 220 ~ 900 nm
Crystal orientation Calcium fluoride, Quartz, Sapphire, Magnesium fluoride, etc.
Internal quality JOGIS 11, 12, 13
Raman spectroscopy Hydrogen concentration, OH concentration, Fictive temperature
(silica glass evaluation)
Focal length Standard wavelength: C, d, e - line
Photomicroscopy Light microscope (maximum 50 magnifications)
Thermal properties Linear expansion coefficient (room temperature ~ 1400 ℃)
Transformation temperature, Yield point
Thermogravimetric/Differential thermal analysis
(room temperature ~ 1500 ℃)
DSC (room temperature ~ 1500 ℃)
Mechanical properties Young's modulus, Shear modulus, Poisson's ratio
Knoop hardness, Vickers hardness
Abrasion (JOGIS 10)
Chemical properties Climate resistance, Water resistance, Acid resistance, Alkali resistance

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