4D Free-form SG (Silica Glass)

This material was developed to solve the ever-increasing challenges of custom and free-form optics. 4D adds an extra dimension for design freedom, enabling the creation of nearly any optical geometry.

Reduction of cost and lead time compared to conventional manufacturing processes



Form factors

Parallel plates, hemispherical, plano-convex, aspheric lenses, Fly's Eye, free-form etc.

Design examples

Example 1

Wavelength: 260 nm
Illumination size: 0.8 mm × 0.8 mm, lens distance: 0.2 mm
Illumination detector distance: 7.0 mm, detector size: 7.0 mm × 7.0 mm

Example 2


Optical properties
nd 1.45850
νd 67.8
ne 1.46012
νe 67.7

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