Custom Ceramic Coating

Utilizing Nikon's long standing ceramic material know-how gained through the development and manufacturing of our broad product portfolio. We are now offering this unique technology to provide customized ceramic coating solutions for a wide range of demanding applications.


Nikon's technologies

  • Material synthesis
  • Powder / Slurry production
  • Annealing
  • Optical polishing and coating
  • Physical and chemical property evaluation

Nikon's consulting service

Consultation steps


Application examples

Example 1: High-purity crystal growth

Impurity absorption from the crucible during the crystal growth process.

Specialized coating developed and applied to the inside of the crucible to reduce contamination. This resulted in the growth of higher purity crystals

Example 2: Extreme high-temperature processing

During the production of automotive parts, plating material from metal blanks during the "hot stamping" was sticking to the rollers within furnace. This caused production downtime due to frequent cleaning and replacement of rollers.

Coating was developed and applied to the rollers, which reduced adhesion of plating and maintenance time by 1/10 and thus increased productivity at the production line.

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