Photomask Substrates for FPD

Nikon's highly transparent, highly pure synthetic silica glass has superior internal qualities, such as no bubbles or inclusions. It is ideally suited for large FPD photomask substrates as, when manufactured, it is larger than commonly used silica glass.
Nikon's FPD photomask substrates are produced from this superior quality large material using precision polishing, cleaning and measurement technologies. We provide photomask substrates as large as 2,000 mm.

  • *Can be used for applications other than photomasks
    Please contact us to learn more about other applications.


Through the development and production of lithography systems, Nikon has acquired expertise in the production of FPD panels.
We are developing technologies to meet the need for large next-generation FPD photomask substrates.

FPD lithography system mechanism and photomask

Transmittance properties (ultraviolet region)

Changes in i-line transmittance during i-line irradiation

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