Synthetic Silica Glass Wafer

Synthetic silica glass wafer made of high-quality materials. We can provide high-precision large wafers with a minimum thickness of 0.4 mm, according to your requests.



Measurement example

Example of specifications

Diameter 200 mm
Thickness 0.6 mm
Dimensional Tolerance Radial Direction ± 0.1 mm
Thickness Direction ± 0.02 mm
Flatness (PV) ≦ 10 λ (λ=632.8 nm)
TTV ≦ 2 μm
Surface Roughness (Ra) ≦ 0.001 μm
Scratch Line width ≦ 10 μm
Dig Diameter ≦ 10 μm
Chipping ≦ 200 μm (Edge line)

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