Calcium Fluoride for ArF Excimer Lasers (V/A Grade)

Nikon's calcium fluoride (NICF-V/A grade) is a single crystal that has been developed for lenses used in semiconductor lithography systems that require extreme precision and durability.
It provides excellent refractive index homogeneity, high transmittance and high durability, particularly in the range from vacuum ultraviolet lasers to excimer lasers.

Outstanding features of NICF-V/A grade

Laser durability
Impurities in calcium fluoride have been reduced to the minimum through selection and management of high-purity raw materials and optimization of growing conditions. Excellent laser durability has been achieved through high crystallinity.
Large size
Nikon is a leading supplier of large-sized, high-quality, single-crystal calcium fluoride with minimal lattice.
Refractive index homogeneity
Using its proprietary annealing process and growing technology, Nikon has achieved refractive index homogeneity excellence.

Transmittance properties (vacuum ultraviolet/ultraviolet regions)

NICF-V provides exceptional transmittance, even in the vacuum ultraviolet region.
NICF-A is ideal optical material for ArF excimer lasers.

Laser durability

High durability against ArF excimer laser irradiation and stability during lengthy periods of use

NICF-A measurement example

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