Calcium Fluoride for Visible/IR Regions

In addition to its crystal growth technology and quality control process, Nikon has introduced a process technology of its own using a single-crystal calcium fluoride that is optimized for use in the visible/infrared regions.



Size ≦Φ140 mm, ≦t 20 mm
Internal transmittance
(Thickness: 10 mm)
≧98 % (400 nm - 3000 nm)
Bubbles/inclusions Total number ≦5 (by visual inspection),
Maximum size: 0.1 mm
Birefringence ≦40 nm/cm
Refractive index homogeneity ≦10 ppm
Crystallinity Single crystal/poly-crystal
Crystal plane orientation No specifications
Sub-grain boundary No specifications
Surface finishing Fine grinding/polishing/coating

Transmittance properties

Guaranteed high transmittance in the visible/infrared regions

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