LC15Dx, with its smaller field of view, perfectly suits digitizing small or detailed objects with higher point density and tighter tolerances. Nikon's unique ESP3 technology maintains accuracy, speed, and data quality by adapting the laser settings in real-time. Manufacturers gain a better appreciation of the dimensional quality of their products without compromising on cycle times.



Probing error, MPEp(1σ)* 2.5 μm
Width of view 18 mm
Depth of view 15 mm
Stand-off 60 mm
Data acquisition speed 70,000 points/sec
ESP generation ESP3

LC15Dx is suited for inspection of complex parts with tight tolerances, e.g. medical implants, turbine blades and precision moldings.

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  • Simplified measurement and processing setup
    • Teach scan paths or indicate scan area on CAD
    • Import feature properties and GD&T information directly from CAD
    • Macro functionality for fully automated scanning and inspection
  • Reduced measurement time
    • Reduction of probe head movements
    • XC65Dx(-LS) scanner captures full feature information in a single movement
  • Unique capability to measure freeform and fragile surfaces
    • Detailed description of freeform surface in short time interval
    • Non-contact measurement eliminates the need to touch fragile and delicate parts
    • Powerful reporting with colored CAD deviation maps
    • Input for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, finite element calculations, and digital archiving