K-Scan MMD

Walk-around scanning in large work volumes

K-Scan MMD is a handheld walk-around laser scanner for portable metrology applications in a large work volume. Continuous and precise probe tracking through the system's Optical CMM and 20 infrared markers integrated into the laser scanner device eliminate all mechanical constraints for effortless scanning.

Accurate performance and superior ergonomics make K-Scan MMD a user-friendly handheld scanning solution. K-Scan MMD is the ideal tool for accurate part-to-CAD inspection and productive reverse engineering of large components. Dynamic referencing guarantees consistent measurement results even when the camera or the measurement object moves during scanning.




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K-Series Optical CMM

Through triangulation, K-Series' linear CCD cameras dynamically measure the position of infrared markers integrated into the ergonomic handheld ModelMaker laser scanner or SpaceProbe device.

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