Objectives and Nosepieces


A wide selection with various magnifications and working distances is available, including high-NA, high-resolution and wide-viewfield Plan Apo WF series objectives with superior image flatness and chromatic aberration correction.

①Plan Apo 0.5x/WF, ②Plan Apo 0.75x/WF, ③Plan Apo 1x/WF, ④ED Plan 1.5x/WF, ⑤ED Plan 2x/WF

SMZ1270/1270i SMZ800N
Objectives Working distance (mm) Zoom magnification NA Actual FOV*1
Plan Apo 0.5x/WF 82 0.63x 0.0095 69.8
8x 0.0525 5.5
0.75x/WF 107 0.63x 0.0143 46.6
8x 0.0788 3.7
1x/WF 70 0.63x 0.0190 2.6
8x 0.1050 2.75
ED Plan 1.5x/WF 44 0.63x 0.0285 23.3
8x 0.1575 1.8
2x/WF 35 0.63x 0.0380 17.5
8x 0.2100 1.4
  • *1With C-W10xB eyepiece

①Achro 0.5x, ②ED Plan 0.75x, ③Plan 1x

Objectives Working distance (mm) Zoom magnification NA Actual FOV*1
Achro 0.5x 189 1x 0.0145 44
8x 0.0525 5.5
ED Plan 0.75x 117 1x 0.0218 29.3
8x 0.0788 3.7
Plan 1x 78 1x 0.029 22
8x 0.105 2.75
  • *1With C-W10xB eyepiece

Auxiliary Objectives

Microscopes Auxiliary objectives Working distance (mm)
SMZ745/745T G-AL ERG 0.77-1.06x 102-48
G-AL 0.5x 211
G-AL 0.7x 150
G-AL 1.5x 61
G-AL 2x 43.5
SMZ445/460 AL5 (0.5x) 181
AL7 (0.7x) 127.5


Double nosepiece with two-objective switchover. Easy changeover from stereo position (stereoscopic view) to mono position (on-axis view) is possible by simply moving the objective lens to the right.

P-RN2 Nosepiece

Observations with wider zoom ranges are possible by simply switching between two objectives.

SMZ1270/1270i SMZ800N

P-RNI2 Intelligent Nosepiece

Enables easy switchover between two objectives. In combination with the Digital Sight series digital camera, it automatically detects the data of objective in use.