Standard Stroke Model


GUI designed for easier operations

The graphical user interface (GUI), simplifies machine movement, creating and running teaching files, and clearly indicates status and progress of measurements.

Various wizards for guiding procedures of measurements are available, providing fast, easy writing of teaching files. GUI can be customized for different tasks. You can select and hide functions for achieving your tasks.

Measurement programming support*

Supports part of the measurement program creating processes. By selecting the measurement point, several settings are handled by the system and measurement program code is created automatically.

*This function is for workpieces with simple shape structure. Guide of conditions: With diascopic illumination. Components with perforations or voids which can clearly detect edge contours, without significant variations, or material contamination. (circle, rectangle, and circular arc)

Digital operation guide NEXIV Note

The function offers slides and movie output together with NEXIV contents, such as basic operations and functions. Simple measurement programs can be created by referring to this application.

NEXIV Profiler

Calculation of features and deviations based on ISO and JIS

Roundness based on least square or minimum zone method, maximum inscribed circle, minimum circumscribed circle
Flatness based on least square or minimum zone method, plane defined by the highest or lowest 3 points
Straightness based on least square or minimum zone method, line defined by 2 points at both ends.

Evaluation of shapes (contours)

Nominal and measured shapes can be overlaid and errors can be visualized. Best fit function shifts and rotates measured shapes to nominal shapes to minimize errors. Good for both geometrical shapes and free-form shapes.

  • Calculation of errors can be made in either normal or axis direction.
  • Nominal shapes can be made from either CAD data or XYZ coordinate values.
  • Measured shapes can be output in CSV or DXF file.
  • Evaluation report can be made in PDF file.

Edition of imported CAD data

Change of tolerances, directions of elements, size, etc., can be made in NEXIV profiler.

NEXIV Report

Reports can be made with results and graphics. You can choose which results and graphics to show and can change layouts. Once the report is made, it can be automatically created every time the program is run.