NTX Micromanipulator Set

Provides high-precision and efficient operability for accurate ICSI

Nikon microscopes have played a significant role from the early days of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and continue to contribute to the advancement of this field through superior optical performance and precision. Micromanipulator systems produced by collaboration between Nikon and Narishige have earned high praise worldwide since their development.

The NTX is a dedicated micromanipulator set for the Ti2 inverted microscope that allows effortless setup and easy adjustment of the pipette holder.

  • *In the U.S.A. and Europe, use NTXVM for clinical use.

Newly designed dedicated adapter

The junction positions of the microscope’s support section and the supporting parts of the motordriven manipulator are set depending on each pipette’s angle, and the angle of the pipette holder can be easily adjusted.

With pipette angle set to 35 degrees (high)
With pipette angle set to 20 degrees (low)

Improved stability

The set location of the pipette holder is positioned on the central shaft of the universal joint. It improves the stability of the pipette holder in combination with the novel mechanism.

The enlarged angle indicator and newly added angle index on the universal joint improve the readability of the pipette angle display.

In addition, pipettes can be manually moved up and down using the dial with an arrow displayed.

Improved operability

Operability is improved with reduced rebound risk and enhanced responsiveness.

Movement range

Knob operation 10 mm
Full knob rotation 250 μm
Minimum graduation 2 μm
Joystick operation Max. 2 mm
Motorized operation 22 mm
Configuration with inverted microscope Ti2-U

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