Each Nikon microscope objective is precision-crafted to provide the highest level of clarity and overall optical performance. World-class Nikon objectives, including renowned CFI60 infinity optics, deliver brilliant images of breathtaking sharpness and clarity, from ultra-low to the highest magnifications.

CFI60 Objectives Glossary


Objectives Glossary

  • CFI=Chomatic Aberration Free Infinity
  • CF=Chomatic Aberration Free
  • IC=Infinity Correction
  • Plan=Plane
  • Apo=Apochromat
  • LWD=Long Working Distance
  • ELWD=Extra Long Working Distance
  • SLWD=Super Long Working Distance
  • DL=Dark Low
  • DLL= Dark Low Low
  • DM= Dark Medium
  • BM= Bright Medium
  • ADL=Apodized (phase contrast) Dark Low
  • ADM=Apodized (phase contrast) Dark Medium
  • ADH=Apodized (phase contrast) Dark High
  • SR=Super Resolution
  • HP=High Power
  • DIC=Differential Interference Contrast
  • DI=Dual Beam Interference
  • TI=Tilt Beam Interference
  • NAMC=Nikon Advance Modulation Contrast
  • TIRF=Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence
  • IMSI=Intracytoplasmic Morphologically selected Sperm Injection
  • VC=Violet Correction
  • NIR=Near InfraRed
  • IR=InfraRed
  • NCG=No Cover Glass
  • C=Correction collar
  • AC=Auto Correction collar
  • WI=Water Immersion
  • Sil=Silicone oil
  • Glyc=Glycerin
  • W=Water dipping
  • P=Polarizing
  • DS=Dispersion Staining
  • LU=Long size Universal
  • EPI=Episcopic Illumination
  • L=Long size
  • BD=Bright & Dark Field
  • M=Metal
  • E=Economy
CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda Series
Exclusive Nikon Nano Crystal Coat technology produces bright, sharp and high contrast images perfect for multi-color fluorescence live-cell imaging.
Lambda S Objective Series
Microscope objectives offering both high NA and long working distance in addition to high transmission made possible by Nikon's exclusive Nano Crystal Coat technology.
CFI Achromat Series
A microscope objective with dramatically improved correction of chromatic aberration with performance similar to the CFI Plan Achromat Series.
CFI Achromat Series for Phase Contrast
These microscope objectives correct for chromatic aberration across the entire visible spectrum providing crisp images with flatness across 25mm field of view.
CFI Apochromat TIRF Series
A microscope objective specifically designed for Total Internal Reflection Applications and features the highest N.A. of all Nikon objectives.
CFI Achromat Series for Apodized Phase Contrast
Specially designed microscope optics for phase contrast microscopy utilizes Nikon's proprietary Apodization process.
CFI Plan Achromat Series
A microscope objective which provides incredible image flatness over the entire 25mm field of view, with chromatic aberration corrected throughout the entire visible spectrum.
CFI Plan Achromat Series for Phase Contrast
Microscope objective which corrects for chromatic aberration across the entire visible spectrum, including the violet wavelength.
CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda Series for Phase Contrast
Microscope objectives with superior image flatness and color reproduction, plus resolving power at the theoretical limit of today's optical technology.
CFI Plan Apochromat VC Series
The perfect microscope objective for multi-stained, fluorescence specimens and when using brightfield and DIC techniques.
CFI Plan Apochromat Series (without cover glass)
Objectives that do not use a cover glass, suitable for observation of specialized samples.
CFI Plan Fluor Series
A microscope objective which features an exceptionally high transmission from the ultra-violet to the infra-red, and flatness across the field of view. Ideal for critical fluorescence applications.
CFI Plan Fluor Series for Phase Contrast
Multi-purpose microscope objectives suitable for phase contrast, brightfield, and fluorescence observations.
CFI Super Fluor Series
Microscope objective providing exceptional UV transmission, high NAs, and superior chromatic correction. Ideal for Ca2+ imaging and caged compound work.
CFI75 Water Dipping Series
High numerical aperture, long working distance lenses for multiphoton imaging and electrophysiology applications.
CFI60 Water Dipping Series
A wide range of objectives which are ideal for IR-DIC imaging, including the world's first water dipping lens with depth-induced aberration correction.
Super-Resolution Series
Objective lenses designed to provide the highest quality point spread functions for super-resolution imaging.
Objectives for imaging cleared specimens
Compatible with various optical clearing agents which have a wide range of refractive indices.