Lasermeister Series

More convenient and easier metal modeling. Additive manufacturing with built-in measurement system.

AX / AX R Confocal Microscope System[Open in a new window]

High resolution 8K x 8K images and the world's largest FOV of 25 mm enable you to obtain more data than ever, expanding the possibilities of a wide range of research fields.

CNC Video Measuring System VMZ-S Series

Assisting factory automation with high accuracy auto dimension measuring of electronic components


Nikon Photo Contest[Open in a new window]

One of the world's largest international photo contests held since 1969

NPS Global[Open in a new window]

Nikon Professional Services membership provides full-time support for professional photographers who use Nikon equipment. Discover your nearest service depot and find out what solutions it offers!

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Nikon's corporate activities and latest information

Investor Relations

First Quarter of the Year Ending March 2023 financial results have been announced.

Nikon CES 2022 Special Website[Open in a new window]

See another side of Nikon that is challenging new fields.

Communicating Nikon's next-generation technologies

We introduce some of the challenges our creative designers and development engineers have dedicated themselves to overcoming as they work to deliver Nikon's new solutions including robot vision and riblet processing, their technologies and values to as many people as possible.

[Facebook]Nikon Group[Open in a new window]

This is the official Facebook account of Nikon. It provides information on the past, present, and future of the Nikon Group, with corporate activities, product information, and more.

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