LK High-speed Scanning Bridge CMM

LK V-SL and LK V-SL HA offering ultimate scanning and inspection performance

The LK V-SL features a revolutionary design that delivers the best scanning and inspection performance currently available in the marketplace. Particularly suited to meet the demands of automotive and aerospace applications, the LK V-SL is a unique and distinctive multi-sensor CMM. With the HA option, such a system becomes a metrology lab reference CMM featuring submicron accuracy for applications requiring highest precision.

From left, LK V-SL (HA) metrology lab reference CMM, LK V 10.10.8 SL equipped with an LC60Dx laser scanner





LK V-SL and LK V-SL HA - High accuracy bridge style CMM

Preferred sizes1
8.7.6, 10.10.8, 20.12.10, 10.7.6, 15.10.8, 15.7.6
Probe head
TP200, SP25M, LC15Dx, LC50Cx, LC60Dx, XC65D (-LS)

Ceramics for LK PREMIUM performance

Stress-free ceramic guideways are most dimensionally stable, provide high and long-lasting measurement accuracy, and require minimum machine verification, saving both time and money.

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