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The iNEXIV VMA series CNC video measuring system offers the ultimate in usability for automatic measuring of various 3D components with a large FOV, long working distance and wide XYZ stroke.

Suitable for midsize samples (250 x 200 x 200 mm - 450 x 400 x 200 mm) and simultaneous measurement of multiple small parts. High cost-performance with the same strong cast-iron body and direct bearing as high-end models.

iNEXIV VMA-4540 with touch probe

Wide field of view and sharp, clear images

A wide FOV of up to 13 mm x 10 mm (at 0.35x) allows easy search and alignment of measuring targets. The 10x zoom with five specific steps provides accurate measurement as well as high resolution images. An excellent Apochromat objective lens with high NA (0.11) and low distortion has been specially designed for the iNEXIV series, providing crisp, clear images.

13.3mm(W) x 10.0mm(H)
7.8mm(W) x 5.8mm(H)
4.7mm(W) x 3.5mm(H)
2.6mm(W) x 1.9mm(H)
1.33mm(W) x 1.0mm(H)
  • Sample: Φ23.5 mm coin

Robust 73.5 mm working distance

A long 73.5 mm working distance minimizes the possibility of contact between the objective lens and valuable parts. It is ideal for measuring large step heights, tall bosses and deep holes.

Working distance 73.5 mm

Large XY stroke and long Z stroke

The XY stroke of the VMA-4540 is 450 x 400 mm and is suitable for measurement of a wide range of objects, such as molded and pressed parts. The extended 200 mm Z-axis stroke is ideal for tall workpieces.

Auto Focus with high repeatability

Fast and accurate vision AF

Highly repeatable vision AF offers high-speed, high-precision focusing and height/depth measurement.

Top surface of implant
Mid-depth of implant
Mid-depth of implant
Bottom of implant

Even the bottom of a small diameter hole can be brought into correct focus.

Laser AF (option)

The Laser AF with a long 63 mm working distance is optionally available, enabling height measurement of flat surfaces with high repeatability, in keeping a wide FOV at a low magnification.

Versatile illuminations

Episcopic (top), diascopic (bottom) and 8-segment-ring (with 18-degree oblique angle) LED illuminators enable accurate detection of low contrast edges.

Top light
Ring light from left side
Ring light from rear side
Ring light from right side

Any 8-segment light can be selected for effective edge detection.

Intelligent search

Even when a workpiece is misaligned, the system automatically searches the target location based on the target image recorded in a teaching file, enabling accurate, automatic measurement by eliminating possible detection errors.

Digital chart comparator

Deviation of contours can be checked by overlaying charts generated digitally from 2D CAD data onto video images. Digital charts always accompany video images.

Options for expanding measurement possibilities

Touch probe for measurement of imperceptible parts from top and bevel angle

The VMA-4540 is touch-probe ready and accommodates optional Renishaw® TP20 or TP200 touch probes to measure 3D shapes parts where vision AF cannot be used. Touch probe and vision measuring are seamlessly switched, since the touch probe works coaxially as the optical axis using dedicated software.


Extended 1.5x high-magnification

Each model can be modified before shipment to extend magnification to 1.5x, powerful enough for precise measurement of minute electronic parts.

  • *Video measuring images are slightly darker than that of standard magnification.
8.9mm(W) x 6.7mm(H)
5.2mm(W) x 3.9mm(H)
3.1mm(W) x 2.3mm(H)
1.9mm(W) x 1.3mm(H)
0.89mm(W) x 0.67mm(H)
  • Sample: Φ23.5 mm coin

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